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Disaster Response

The Iowa Mission District works closely with the NALC Disaster Response Coordinator, Mary Bates, to help get supplies and other resources where they are most needed, whether here in Iowa, or across the country.

Our mission district area coordinator is currently Betty Burkhalter. Betty can be reached by phone or text at 815-323-9999, or by email at


Each congregation in the Iowa Mission District is encouraged to have a local disaster response contact person on record that can be reached in case of emergency. Make sure Betty has that person's name and contact information!


The Iowa Mission District has two warehouses. One is located just north of Chatfield, Minnesota, on Highway 52, and is maintained by our mission partner, Emmanuel Lutheran Church in Rochester, Minnesota. The other is located in Boyden, Iowa, and is maintained by St. John's Lutheran.

Click HERE to access the latest disaster kit content lists (flood buckets, health kits, school kits, etc.). Blankets, quilts, Bibles and gifts cards (i.e. Home Depot, Lowe’s, Walmart) are always needed. Feel free to include items decorated with a U.S. flag, patriotic or military symbols or references to the armed forces, religious symbols, messages or your group or congregation's name.

Disaster Response Update


Once again, our Mission District has responded to a request for donations to Disaster Response and we now have a second warehouse! St John’s Lutheran Church in Boyden (photo at left) will host a warehouse for the Iowa Mission District!  They are in western Iowa and will be able to serve that part of the state as well as being a resource for North and South Dakota!  Thank you to the congregation of St. John’s for their support!  We will continue to have and support the warehouse in Chatfield (Rochester) MN. 


The following items were collected at the Iowa Mission District Convocation and will be taken to the new Boyden warehouse:  191 quilts/blankets, 200 Elementary School Kits, 7 High School Kits, 9 packages of diapers, 34 Bibles, 19 Flood Buckets, 9 Gift Cards, 29 Health Kits, 40 Kitchen Kits, 1 Rake and 1 tree/branch lopper/trimmer. 


Also received was $1,050 for the Iowa Mission District disaster response (offering from the Convocation plus personal donations) as well as $1,000 for the National Disaster Response.


Thank you for your continued support.  Please reach out to me if you have any questions about donations. 


Betty Burkhalter, 

Iowa Mission District Disaster Response Coordinator

Iowa Mission District Youth Mission Trip Coordinator


Are you wanting to plan a mission trip for the young people in your congregation?  If so, we now have a designated coordinator for youth mission trips!  Alana DeMoss has recently agreed to fill this position for the Iowa Mission District! 


Alana is from First Lutheran in Manchester and has assisted Pr. Tony Ede multiple times coordinating past trips.  Alana can be contacted by phone/text at 563.920.8476 or by email at


So, if you want to plan a trip, reach out to Alana!  She in turn will work with the National Disaster Response Coordinator, Mary Bates, to determine possible locations and dates.


If you have adults who would like to do a mission trip, you can reach out to Mary Bates directly.

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